What is your square meter rate?

Due to the nature of one-off designs we do not have a standard square meter rate. We have designed buildings that range from $1,850 per sqm up to and in excess of $4,000 per sqm. Our preference as a design-led building company is to discuss your brief, your preferred level of specification and your total budget then design a building that is the right size and level of architecture that ensures we can meet your budget, or in some cases, determine what your budget needs to be to meet your brief. Read more

Where are you based?

We are based, with builders, in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Nelson, Tauranga, Taupo and Hamilton. We have designs underway in many areas of the country. We welcome the chance to design buildings anywhere in New Zealand and use those opportunities to locate the best builders who share our belief that an open-book fixed price process is the best option to guarantee a fair and reasonable price to build.

What do your services cost?

The design process cost for residential buildings varies on the complexity and scope.  For building projects below $400k the design fee is $4,000 plus GST and for buildings over $400k the design fee is $6,000 plus GST.  Multi-unit projects will require a discussion to determine the concept design fee.  For all projects once the design is finalised and meets your approval then a fixed cost for the working drawings can be established.

Can you build anywhere in New Zealand?

We are currently designing residential, alterations and commercial buildings right across New Zealand. We have builders in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Nelson, Tauranga, Taupo and Hamilton.

We have a house design already, can you just do the building?

Yes we are happy to do just building, just design and drafting, but of course we hope we can be of most value to you doing the whole process.

Do you do alterations?

Yes, as an architectural and building company we do a variety of work that requires drawings and building consent, including alterations and additions.

What is “open book pricing”?

We offer complete transparency in the pricing process. You will see margins, markups (if any), and choose whether to accept these pricings.

What is an architecturally driven building company?

When looking to design and build your own home you need a building company that is experienced and flexible and thoroughly understands the design/build process.

At the heart of NZ Living Homes is a team of architectural specialists who are genuinely excited about design and care deeply about your positive experience with the design and build process.

What is sustainable construction?

There are several advantageous reasons why NZ Living Homes choose to sustainably manufacture our products and use a sustainable building process.

They are:

    • to increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste- saves our clients money.
    • increase competitive advantage – saves our clients money.
    • build public trust – earns our clients’ respect.
    • build long-term business viability and success – this is also emotional sustainability.

Our values and principals add longevity to our business plans and our reputation as a conscientious building company. This translates to our clients long-term satisfaction. It also sustains job satisfaction and fosters a safer and happier work place.

“Without development, design is useless. Without design, development is unusable.” – Florian Popescu

What is sustainable design?

This is also called ‘environmentally conscious’ design. What is sustainable can be continued into the future.

“Human beings don’t have a pollution problem; they have a design problem. If humans were to devise products, tools, furniture, homes, factories, and cities more intelligently from the start, they wouldn’t even need to think in terms of waste, or contamination, or scarcity. Good design would allow for abundance, endless reuse, and pleasure.” – The Upcycle by Michael Braungart and William McDonough, 2013.

An essential element of Sustainable Building Design is indoor environmental quality including air quality, lighting, thermal conditions, and acoustics.

Conscious design also means choosing environmentally sound products which require less energy.

Environmentally conscious design is reducing consumption and waste of resources by increasing the durability of relationships between people and products.

Is NZ Living Homes a franchise?

Franchises typically have expensive buy-in costs and royalty structures. We are a license model. We purposely set up NZ Living Homes to avoid those franchise costs to keep costs down for our clients.

We prefer an open book method of pricing to offer complete transparency in the pricing process. You will see margins, markups (if any), and chose whether to accept these pricings.

We even suggest that if you have a friend who’s a professional supplier, we can work with them on your project. You are a big part of the decision making process. It is imperative you feel confident you are being treated with respect and honesty.

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