Richmond Hills Architectural design and build
Richmond Hills Architectural design
Richmond Hills Architectural design and build
central richmond Architectural design
central richmond Architectural design
central richmond Architectural design

Richmond Hills Residence

Location Tasman
Type Full Build

This is one of 4 houses designed for this developer, this one as his own family home. After completing designs for two adjacent sites, this site was chosen as the preferred option as conditions allowed for the required pool.

The client provided only a set of rules around room numbers and their interaction with each other–otherwise we had a blank canvas to create a unique, one-off architectural home.

As with many hill sites, to best utilise the site and the predominant views to the North and West, the design stretched across the contour, minimising excavation and maximising passive solar gains.

The concept is based around two separate aluminium-clad boxes, supported by concrete internal box columns. This was given more effect by the client’s willingness to accept a glass bridge and entry-level reflection pools that reduce the perceived connection between the two separate wings.

We were also lucky enough to be working with a client with a passion for interior design, meaning the overall quality of the finish–both internally and externally – is off the highest quality.

This project was a pleasure to work on both for the outcome and the couple involved.


We engaged Dave Mcleod to design a number of projects for us in Nelson including our own family home on a section overlooking Richmond.

Rather than a standard home he has created a special place to live with architectural features such as a glass bridge and reflections ponds.

We gave Dave our room type requirements and he has created something very special.

My wife and I enjoyed working with Dave and his team and expect if you engage him he will create something special for you as well.

Stephen Elliott