Snells Beach Architectural design
Snells Beach Architectural design

Snells Beach Residence

Location Snells Beach
Type Design

Designed for a builder’s own home, this Black Barn and cedar clad building sits within a new subdivision, overlooking views to the beach to the east. The client had seen examples of other rural Black Barn style residential dwellings recently completed by NZ Living Homes and wanted a more urban example, whilst still retaining the use of black metal and a complimentary cladding.

The main form is a gable-ended Black Barn,with a cedar-clad box, supporting a lightweight first floor above a see-through living space. The house has generous living spaces, with master bedroom and private living only on the first floor.

In what is a typical, albeit high quality, subdivision, this unique one-off home will stand out as an example of modernist architecture utilising a palette of traditional New Zealand building materials.

And, as it is being built by the owner/builder, it will no doubt be finished to a high quality when completed in 2020.