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Tasman Residence

Location Tasman
Type Full Build

Designed to sit on a ridge line, with a gull-wing roof seen in profile and finished in cedar and West Coast schist, this was built by a client who is based in North America for 6 months of the year.

The client was very focused on a North American style of building, but we were able to convince them that a more subtle profile and finish were required for this ridge-top site.

The long and narrow design establishes its presence on site, particularly in the main living areas as the roof line swoops up to a high point, but it also means that both sides are living areas, and affords protection from ridge-top winds from different directions.

A very high level of finish and extensive use of timber meant a great deal of the building is handcrafted, bespoke finish. Working with an often-absent client and their own builder, we have completed a fantastic and unique home which the clients are extremely proud of.


Considered. Thoughtful. Tasteful. Site Specific Design.

If these are qualities for which you are looking in building a new home, then Dave McLeod is the “go-to” guy for your job.

Dave designed our home and drew it to specifications. It’s a modern design that fits the landscape onto which it was built. He took full advantage of all of the natural elements of our property and placed the house to optimize its view and the natural effects of sunlight and starlight.

It is a design in harmony with nature and the beauty of native New Zealand is enhanced by his use of glass, stone and wood. Every room captures an intimate view of the locale in which the house dwells.

Without hesitation, I recommend Dave McLeod’s architectural sensibilities. He will do a good job for you.

Michael and Dianne